Charvel # 4 Slipknot 2004 - Jim Root Artist Owned

$ 5,950.00

Sold Out

This guitar has seen the world with the great Slipknot. It was purchased by (and played by) Jim Root- a.k.a. #4 of Slipknot and Stone Sour fame. Many fans will recognize this Charvel from its extensive stage use. The guitar was purchased directly from Jim through a mutual friend. It sits unchanged from when Jim owned it- same strings, road grime etc. This beast is tuned to A! Yes, A; his tech really knows how to set up a guitar. Jim said that he played this guitar on ‘Heretic Anthem, Everything Ends, and Skin Ticket.’ Jim signed the back of the headstock. This is a great sounding and playing metal monster!

Original Bill of Sale/packing slip (made out to Jim), photos of Jim signing the guitar, as well as his strap and picks are all included. SKB hard case is also included.

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