Acoustic 470 Solid State Guitar/Bass Amp 1970s

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Acoustic Control Corp designed the 470 amplifier(Serial: FA 4119) to be equally suitable for guitar or bass. You select the preference for guitar or bass with a switch on the right side of the amp below the power switch. In the Lead position, this is a wide-band flat amplifier, you hear fundamental tones plus harmonics; in the Bass position, harmonics beyond 1200 Hz are de-emphasized. The ground polarity switch is also located here. There are two instrument inputs, the top input is louder than the bottom input, which is 10dB lower in gain - useful with high output pickups.

This is a two channel amplifier. Channels are selected by a switch on the front panel, or by the footswitch (not included). Each of the channels can dialed in using rotary controls for volume, treble, mid and bass. These tone controls are the 'cut and boost' type In addition, there is a Normal/Bright switch for each channel.

The effects are excellent; this amp offers distortion, tremelo and reverb. Distortion and reverb 'mix' are adjusted by the corresponding rotary controls. Tremelo has independent controls for speed and intensity. A rocker switch allows you to select whether distortion is on both channels, or on channel B only.

The 5-band equalizer allows further tone shaping with -20 to +20 dB of control on each band via the sliders. Bands are 70, 140, 280, 1100, and 2200 HZ. The mid tone control on each channel can also be used as part of the Graphic Equalizer for frequencies between 460 to 700 Hz.

  • Band 1 (70) = 50 to 110 Hz;
  • Band 2 (140) = 110 to 220 Hz;
  • Band 3 (280) = 220 to 460 Hz; Mid-range tone control = 460 to 700 Hz;
  • Band 4 (1100) = 700 to 1500 Hz; Band 5 (2200) = 1500 to 2800 Hz.

Selectable voltages: 107V, 120V, 210V, or 240V at 50 or 60Hz, using slide switches inside amplifier.

Booster Output - allows you to drive an additional power amplifier and speakers using the Model 470 head to control the extra amplifier.

Line Output - allows you to control a bank of power amps and associated speakers from one main control amplifier. As it is tied to the output of the preamplifier, the output of this jack is lowered as amp volume is lowered. This jack cannot drive a speaker directly.

Accessory Jack - a TRS jack is used to send and return signal to effects.

Speakers: Any impedance between 2 ohms and 4 ohms will give optimum results; that is, 170 Watts RMS. 4 ohms is the best match because with a 4-ohm load, the amplifier runs slightly cooler. Use of impedances less than 2 ohms may reduce maximum power output and cause extraordinary heating, while use of impedances greater than 4 ohms will reduce the maximum power output available and will enable operation at reduced temperatures.

Size Physical Dimensions ....24-5/8" W x 7" H x 12-1/2" D Weight 30 lbs. AC power cord - 14 feet.

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