Gibson Style-0 Artist Sunburst 1918

$ 11,200.00

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These instruments are truly unique, both in look and sound. This was the very first ‘Elite’ guitar made by Gibson. Many would argue that this was the first ‘Elite,’ full-size guitar made by anyone. I know of no other guitar comparable to this. Interesting features include the ‘mandolin-like’ scroll on the upper bass bout. The upper treble bout comes to a fine point providing plenty of room for the fret hand to work and is aesthetically revolutionary (think about the Gibson SG that would appear so many decades later). The neck joins the body at the 15th fret, rather than the 12th, allowing access to upper registers, thus opening up a new world of lead possibilities. From a manufacturing standpoint, the Style 0 had a far more complex design that was exceptionally well appointed. Consequently, it required many more man hours per unit, driving the price up so high that it immediately became the most expensive guitar in the Gibson catalog.

By 1920, the Gibson Style 0 was priced at $304.00; an unheard of price for an instrument! Sonically, these sound surprisingly big. Tonally, they have the ability to jump right out front for chordal vamps, or lead lines of any style. These pieces are exceedingly rare and are highly sought by collectors. This guitar was recently voted one of the “50 most collectable guitars.” This all original example remains in excellent condition and the original case is included.

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