Martin D-28 1952

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C.F. Martin. Few, if any, names in the history of guitar command more respect. Many of the most famous tunes ever recorded were played on the mighty D-28. It has been the guitar of choice by flat-pickers, lucky enough to afford such an item, for generations. This beauty sports a gorgeous rosewood back and sides, as well as a spruce top. It is remarkably well appointed: top inlays, finger board inlays, and fancy headstock inlays done by Mike Longworth (of Martin) long ago. Mr. Longworth worked with Martin for nearly 30 years! He wrote Martin guitars: a history. He is widely considered to be ‘The Master of the Pearl Inlay.’ The engraved Grover tuners look fantastic and operate flawlessly. It appears to have been professionally refinished a long time ago. The original pick guard may need to be re-glued at some point in the future, although it in no way effects the playability. The tone of this guitar is simply overwhelming. It is booming. It is unforgettable. It is a masterpiece.

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