Gibson ES-350-T 1959

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The Gibson ES-350-T is most often associated with Chuck Berry. It was his instrument of choice for such classics as “Johnny B. Goode,” “Maybelline,” “Sweet Little Sixteen,” and “Nadine.” While Chuck did prefer this unique guitar, other masters such as Danny Gatton, the Stones, and Eric Clapton used this guitar extensively as well. With it being 2 1/4″ thick, and a scale length of 23 1/2″,the ES-350-T (the T stands for thinline) is probably most accurately described as a cross between the Gibson Byrdland, and the Gibson ES-335. It sports a beveled-edge pickguard, triple bound top and back, and bound fingerboard with double parallelogram inlays. It has a narrow neck and string spacing, as well as the famous crown peghead inlay. The gold-plated hardware is in great condition, as is the sunburst finish.

These coveted 1959 PAF’s sing! This is a rare all original guitar. The tuners have been upgraded but the originals are included. No other modifications. Moderate weather checking overall. Original hard case is included as well.


Serial: A30415
Condition: Very Good

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