Slinglerland 6 Piece Sparkling Pink Champagne 1960s

$ 2,000.00

1960s Slingerland 6-Piece Drum Set in Sparkling Pink Champagne. Set has two 14" x 20″ bass drums (serial # 119882, the other is missing the badge), two 9" x 13″ rack toms (serial #118451 and serial # 199509), 16" x 16″ floor tom (serial # 135108) and a matching 5" x 14″ snare (serial # 119823). More than likely, this was originally two separate kits based on the serial numbers, but it is possible this kit was factory ordered. It may have been a custom Duet kit with 13" toms instead of the standard 12". It is difficult to know for sure, as Slingerland's serial numbers are notoriously unreliable. The black and brass Niles oval badges date all of these drums somewhere between 1963 and 1969.

The original Sparkling Pink Champagne wrap looks great with only minor, even fading. All chrome hardware and hoops are vibrant with very minor pitting on some. We rate the hardware an 8 out of 10. Extra holes remain unfilled in one bass drum from original rail consolette being removed by previous owner. One bass drum has period appropriate replacement hoops. The sound is vintage Slingerland.

Condition: Good

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