Jackson RR Ltd 1992

$ 8,970.00

Sold Out

This is an excellent example of the 1992 Jackson RR LTD. These finely crafted, hand built instruments were made in very limited quantities and are considered by many to be the “Holy Grail” of the Jackson line. While on Christmas break from touring, Randy heard about, and scheduled a meeting with the “up and coming” luthier, Grover Jackson. After being a passenger on the Concorde, Randy began to think about a new guitar design based on the super-sonic aircraft. If you were to hold any of Randy’s guitars with the headstock in approximately the 2 o’clock position, you would see that it resembles the Concorde taking off. The first prototypes were even called the Concorde. At the time, Grover Jackson was doing well building and modifying guitars (Super-Strat’s) with Wayne Charvel. Jackson was hesitant to put the brand name “Charvel” on these new (pointy) guitars for fear of ruining his growing business. This marked the birth of Jackson Guitars. These RR’s were the first guitars to feature the name Jackson. Grover’s thinking was, if these wild looking guitars flop it’s really not a big deal as they will have the name Jackson (which was unfamiliar to the buying public), rather than Charvel on the headstock. Well, this guitarist (RR), this builder (Jackson), and these guitars (pointy, asymmetrical V’s) changed the landscape of the modern guitar forever. They became, and have remained, wildly popular guitars that sell remarkably well. It plays perfectly and the tone is vintage Randy! These guitars are tremendously difficult to find, especially in this condition. It is a dream come true to finally own one of these masterpieces.

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