Jackson Kelly Pearl White 1996 Marty Friedman Artist Owned

$ 8,970.00

Marty Friedman is among the most talented and influential guitarists of the past 25 years. His work with guitar hero Jason Becker in Cacophony, as well as his wildly virtuosic solo work, got him noticed and later recruited by the notoriously difficult leader of Megadeth, Dave Mustaine. Marty combined styles from classical, thrash, progressive rock, and Eastern scales and modes largely unfamiliar to the Western ear. His right hand (picking) technique makes many purists cringe, but he has made it his own and executes highly complex lines flawlessly. I am so fortunate to have one of his favorite guitars in my collection; his 1996 Jackson Kelly with Pearl White finish (labeled stage guitar #2). Marty has spoken at length about his love of this particular guitars’ tone and comfort. Marty said “On Megadeth tours, I usually played 2 main guitars…I got this guitar and used it heavily on all subsequent tours.” He recorded with this beauty as well. Not only is it a comfortable tone beast, Marty said it provided a good contrast to all the black Jackson Kelly’s he was playing up until then. Pictures of him playing this guitar can be found all over the internet and he can be seen playing this guitar live on several Megadeth DVD’s. Now, for some stats on this monster:

  • 1996 Jackson Kelly with Pearl White finish
  • A full 24 frets
  • Kahler 3310 fixed bridge
  • Ebony fretboard with white binding
  • Single S. Duncan pickup with single volume knob
  • Mother of Pearl Shark tooth inlays
  • Jackson tuners
  • Labeled #2 in two places by Marty (one below the bridge and one on the bass side)
  • Marty’s original case is included

Through a series of posts on his Facebook page, Marty Friedman has announced that he'll be auctioning all of his Megadeth-era guitars and donating all the proceeds to fund the tsunami relief efforts in Japan.
Friedman was a member of Megadeth from 1990 to 2000, and recorded five studio albums with the band, including the classic Rust in Peace.
Friedman currently lives in Tokyo, where he continues to write music. He also frequently contributes to Japanese magazines, and appears as a personality on TV shows.

Here's an excerpt from Marty Friedman's Facebook post:

"Thank you all for your support and prayers. I am 100% fine, 100% healthy and in better shape than ever. However, there are many, many people here in Japan that are facing an unbelievable tragedy. Its`s time to go to the next step. I will be auctioning ALL of my guitars from the Megadeth era and will donate 100% of the proceeds to the earthquake relief.
"I am going to LA right NOW to the climate controlled lockup where all the guitars have been in their cases since January 2000. All guitars I used on all the Megadeth recordings, tours, videos, everything WILL be auctioned off. When I get to the lockup I will do my best to sort out which was used for what ( I suck at that...I`m sure many of you guys know better than I do) and notate as many details as possible.
"Pictures, descriptions and how to bid will all be up on my US website as well as my Japanese website within 2-3 days. I have NEVER sold ANY of my guitars before, this is the only way these guitars will leave my possession. I urge you to please spread the word and most of all BID HIGH. You will be putting a huge deposit in the `karma bank` as and have some pretty cool guitars to show for it. DO IT!"


Official Megadeth video for Almost Honest:




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