Ibanez JEM FP2 - Steve Vai 2010

$ 3,076.25

Steve Vai, after seeing this finished product, said that Ibanez has made the perfect guitar. The Ibanez JEM 77 FP2 is an exquisite example of stunning beauty,craftsmanship, and functionality. Every fret (all 24 of them) is accessible and comfortable. The grip in the upper registers could not be better, thanks to an excellent scallop-job. I personally can't stand electric guitars, whether 21, 22, or 24 frets, that don't allow one to comfortably get much past the 17th fret (and I have long fingers). The double-locking tremelo simply could not be smoother. Whether dive-bombing, or taking to the skies, this system performs flawlessly. The tonal range of this guitar is practically limitless; with 3 high-end DiMarzio's, a 5 position selector, and master volume and tone controls, the sounds can only be limited by one's imagination. Steve hand selected the bolts of fabric used on these guitars. It is not paint you are seeing; these intricate designs are fabric under the clear-coat.
Now for some specs: 
  • Body -Highly sculpted Basswood -Unique clear pickguard -Signature "Monkey Grip" cutout 
  • Neck -"Bolt-on" neck -5 piece laminated Maple/Walnut neck -24 Dunlop 6150 frets (scalloped above the 21st) -Rosewood fingerboard -Locking nut -Gotoh tuning machines Bridge -Ibanez "Edge" Vibrato Bridge 
  • Pickups/Electronics -DiMarzio Humbucker (neck) -DiMarzio Single coil (middle) -DiMarzio Humbucker (bridge) -5 position selector -Master volume and tone controls 
Serial: F1027229
Condition: Near Mint

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