Barber Echelon 50W

$ 2,200.00

The Echelon had a nice success in the early 2000s, built in limited production runs.

From David Barber:

"50 watts with a pentode/triode switch for sweet half power option. There are three switches up front that configure the gain texture and eq of the preamp in multiple architectures. Selections available are a switch for "sweet" eq or "punchy" eq; sweet is very blackface like and punchy is tweed/Marshall-like. Another switch selects gain structure of "vintage" or "modified"; vintage is what you expect gain-wise from the classics, modified is a more modern and quite HOT for a lot of impact and sustain...loads of harmonics included! The Volume knob has a push/pull function that sets up the first preamp tube to respond either more British or more like the fat American sound. All three switches can be combined in multiple combinations for truckloads of tones (literally!)

The amp is a single channel, non master volume for the ultimate in dynamics, great clean headroom too for the working player who needs more than just another "too hot amp"...."



50 watts
Stock Tube compliment: 2 x EL34, 3 x 12ax7
Front panel continuous controls: Volume, Treble, Midrange, Bass and presence
Front panel switches: Pull fat, Sweet/Punchy (EQ), Vintage/Modified (gain), standby and on/off
Back panel Features:Triode/Pentode switch, Bias test points, external user adjustable Bias, 4, 8, 16 ohm speaker outputs.

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