Epiphone Electar M Spanish Sunburst 1935/6

$ 2,750.00

The Electar Spanish Guitar was introduced in 1935 as the first Epiphone electric guitar and produced until about 1939. It differed from the acoustic archtops in having a flat back, a neck mounted flush with the body and a horizontal braced top. This heavy bracing, according to the Epiphone catalog “properly supported and dampened the top in order to avoid after tones and acoustic feedback”.

The instrument was fitted with the Model M pickup, a rather bulky horseshoe magnet pickup mounted through a rectangular access hole in the back. The hole was 4”x 6” and was covered with a cloth-wrapped plate screwed to the back. The pickup was mounted to maple blocks glued to the underside of the top and projected through a hole cut in the face of the instrument in bridge position The poles of the magnet wrapped over the strings and included two magnets under the strings. The visible part of the pickup was nickel-plated on early models; while later models featured an “oven baked, black crinkle finish”. The input jack and the black Bakelite volume and tone controles with a small pointer were mounted on the lower treble bout in a line with the strings.


~From the Dutch Archtop Guitar Museum

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