Fender Pro Reverb Blackface 1965

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The Pro Reverb is most often used by players seeking a traditional Fender clean tone, with, owing to the relatively low output power, propensity for 'breakup,' or musically-pleasing distortion. Many players note the quality of the tube-driven spring reverb and tremolo (inaccurately referred to as vibrato by Fender). At a time when Fender was increasing the wattage of most of its tube amps in an attempt to provide players with cleaner tones at higher volumes, the Pro Reverb was somewhat unusual in the Fender lineup due to its relatively low power output (prized by today's players) and smaller output transformer, which gave the Pro Reverb a "dirtier" sound than most of its contemporaries. Because of this, at the time the Pro Reverb did not find the widespread popularity of amplifiers such as the Fender Twin, but in recent years it has seen a revival and has become highly sought after due to its rarity and excellent tonal characteristics.

Pro Reverbs were first sold in mid-1965. Since CBS bought out Fender in January 1965, all of them are "post-CBS" Fenders. Even so, some have "Fender Electric Instruments Co." on the front panel under the Pro Reverb Amp logo instead of the CBS era "Fender Musical Instruments", as this one does.

One newer Weber Green Back 12" speaker replacement. One original Fender Utah Electronics 12" speaker. Recent repairs include: Repaired bias supply (open filter cap) cleaned pots, jacks sockets plugs - replaced two-prong power cable with new grounded cable, replaced capacitor cover, and replaced power tubes.


AA165 Circuit

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