Gibson ES-150 Sunburst 1952

$ 1,794.00

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The Gibson ES-150 (ES for 'Electric Spanish' and the 150 was representative of the price, $150.00) is generally considered the first mass-produced electric guitar. With its 16" carved spruce top, maple back, mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard, this amped-up guitar created a warm, rich tone. The famous Charlie Christian was quick to adopt the ES-150 as his own, and stretched the previously known capabilities of the guitar. 'Amplifying my instrument has made it possible for me to get a wonderful break,' he told Down Beat magazine. Previous guitarists had largely been relegated to accompaniment duties. Charlie Christian was able to pioneer the horn-like, single-note lead/soloing guitar style that changed the instrument forever. This is an all original guitar with finish that is bright and clean. The unique double white pick guards are custom order originals. The original tuner buttons have shrunken. Original case is included.

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