Gibson G-3 (Grabber 3) - 1980

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Introduced in 1975 as a companion to the Gibson Grabber, the G-3 (which stands for Grabber 3) introduced a new pickup scheme to the already established body style. Instead of a sliding pickup as was present in the Grabber, the G-3 featured a so-called "buck-and-a-half" trio of single coils. Along with a tone and volume control, the G-3 featured a three-way switch linked in with three Bill Lawrence single coil pickups. The pickups were designed for a "bright/low" tonality and all three pickups were designed with different tonalities. In the up position, the neck and middle pickups would be activated, and, as they were wired out of phase, a humbucker effect would result. Likewise, in the down position, the middle and bridge pickups would be activated similarly. However, when switched to the middle position, all three pickups would be activated, the neck and bridge pickups being in phase while the middle would be out of phase with both, hence the term "buck-and-a-half".

This G-3 has been refinished in a red mahogany satin and is missing the bridge cover. Everything else is original including the case. 

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