Gibson J-200 Custom 12 String Black - 1960 - David Guard-Owned

$ 20,000.00

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This is David Guard's 1960 Gibson J-200 Custom Black 12-String Acoustic Guitar. This was special ordered by David Guard of the Kingston Trio. He told Gibson he wanted a big acoustic similar to those Gibson had made for The Everly Brothers, but a 12-string version. This is reportedly the very first 12-string guitar made by Gibson. This guitar has several interesting custom touches. This was originally a sunburst and the original back remains,  but top, sides and neck were refinished in black in the mid-1960's. Fine top cracks visible through the finish may be the reason for the refinish. Quarter-inch end pin jack is a modern addition. Very playable guitar deserving of hand-on inspection. Original case with slip cover is included.

Serial A34487
Condition: Very Good

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