Gibson L-5 Sunburst 1925

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When Gibson introduced the 'Master Line Guitar L-5 Professional Grand Concert Model' the instrument was forever changed. This became the new top-of-the-line model, which was reflected in its price. The L-5 featured a beautiful sunburst finish. With its excellent combination of tone-woods and metal tailpiece, the instrument created what was to become the 'classic jazz sound' with remarkable sustain. The L-5 was the first guitar to feature the violin-style f-holes, as opposed to the round or oval sound holes, which provided a unique tonal response. With its huge, well-balanced sound, the L-5 remains one of the World's most revered jazz guitars. This particular example was expertly re-finished in the forties. The gold L-5 tailpiece is not original to this guitar. There are repaired top cracks by bass side f-holes and modern Grover tuners have been added.

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