Gibson Les Paul "Lil' Red" - Billy Gibbons-Owned 1961

$ 60,000.00

Sold Out

According to his book, Rock + Roll Gearhead, ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons was inspired to play guitar after seeing local Houston band, the VanTels, play. The VanTels guitarist played a cool red 1961 Les Paul double cutaway, a prototype for the SG guitar, that had been pinstriped by Von Dutch. Well, he got the guitar, and now, we have it for you. Serial number is 2116; guitar has moderate weather checking and scuffs to the body and peg head face; frets are original (and worn), with a possible older nut replacement. Four filled holes on back around strap button. Finish wear on back and neck; missing one screw from the G tuner. Repaired crack on base of heel, replaced correct-style tuners. Electronics appear to be original with several areas of older re-solder. Overall Good condition with original hard-shell case. A copy of Billy's book, which features a full page on the guitar, is included. Billy says in the book that the guitar "plays like melting butter." After selling it, Gibbons borrowed the guitar back so he could have Gibson make a copy of it! You can see Billy play the new guitar on Daryl Hall's show Live From Daryl's House. Original case and Certificate of Authenticity included.

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