Jackson Randy Rhoads Tribute 1998

$ 7,500.00

This is an excellent example of the classic polka dot V made famous by the late, great Randy Rhoads. Randy found several flaws in the original prototype that he wanted remedied (mainly tuning issues). As we all know, Randy tragically passed far too soon. These issues were eventually corrected; the result being this fantastic guitar. These were made in the Jackson Custom Shop, in extremely limited quantities. I have owned and played many different V's and I can tell you that I am very impressed by this instrument. With even the best of V's, balance is often an issue. This example is beautifully balanced with a tone that is warm and big. Tonally, it reminds my of a high-end Les Paul, but with a much faster neck and unobstructed fret access. This guitar remains in mint condition and the original case is included.

Nut Width: 1.71"
1st Fret: 0.77"
12th Fret: 0.84"
Neck Type: Thin
Finger Board: Rosewood
Pickups: Original Dimarzios
Weight: 8lb 6oz

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