Ludwig LM400 5" x 14" Supraphonic Snare 1978

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The most recorded snare drum in history, the Ludwig LM400 has been on so many recordings heard since the 1950s. The LM400 is a 5" x 14" chrome over aluminum with external center bead. Shows age and wear typical from a drum this age. The chrome is flaking on several panels and three is a minor amount of rust on the hoops and lug casings. Chrome has come off of the face of one casing entirely and the muffle control knob (see photos). Some unoriginal tension rods and washers. Original snare side head and strainer. It also appears previous owner tried to polish both steel wool, so there are minor buff marks, which could be buffed out. No case included.

Not collector's grade or a museum piece; clearly a player's grade snare, but we recently recorded several tracks with this particular snare and we've never had such an easy time mixing this snare into the mix. Very little EQ required, if any. There's a reason it has been used so often on hit records.

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