Rougarou Pedals Boosthulhu Clean Boost

$ 120.00

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Ready to wake an ancient, alien horror? Boosthulhu is here to push your pedalboard and amp to new levels of insanity. At its tamest setting, Boosthulhu gives your signal a slight push. Turning the control higher, though, will provide plenty of clean gain to put you in front of the mix and firmly cement your place in the nightmares of others. Once you awaken Boosthulhu from it’s slumber, there is no stopping it. A 9V power supply is required for operation of Boosthulhu.

Duke Robillard (The Duke Robillard Band, Roomful of Blues, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, etc.) had this to say about the Boosthulhu:

“I have used clean boost pedals for several years and never found exactly what I was hoping for until I tried the Boosthulhu. It gives me exactly the tonal enhancement I had been looking for forever. Most boost pedals add an artificial hi and low end that I don’t care for but the Boosthulhu adds a very slight smooth midrange that truly makes my sound full and beautiful whether clean or with a distortion pedal. It immediately became an essential part of my sound.”

1. Boost control
2. True Bypass
3. Engaged/Bypass Indicator LED
4. Buffered Input
5. Reverse Voltage Polarity Protection
6. 5-Year Warranty on Parts and Labor

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