Rougarou Pedals Draugr Distortion

$ 135.00

The Draugr’s gnarled fingers pierce the soil to seek vengeance, and her crushing hatred will add some truly sinister tones to your arsenal. Capable of everything from warm, low gain overdrive to near square wave fuzz, the Draugr comfortably straddles the line between low and high gain sounds courtesy of germanium diode clipping. The Tone control is remarkably responsive, and it allows the player to achieve everything from “woolly” to “biting” tones. It’s time to pry this pedal from her cold, dead hands. A 9V power supply is required for operation of The Draugr.



1. Drive Control
2. Volume Control
3. Tone Control
4. Germanium Diode Clipping
5. True Bypass
6. Engaged/Bypass Indicator LED
7. Buffered Input
8. Reverse Polarity Protection
9. Standard 9V Center Negative Power
10. 5-Year Warranty on Parts and Labor

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