Rougarou Pedals Rougarou Bass Tube Overdrive

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Lurking among cypress knees of Southern Louisiana, the Rougarou is foaming at the mouth to add some true tube overdrive to your rig. A subminiature preamp tube is in each and every Rougarou Bass Tube Overdrive. The Bite control allows you to dial in everything between a touch of hair and creamy saturation while the Volume control lets you maintain unity. Once its teeth break your skin, there is no turning back. It’s time to welcome the beast in. An 18V power supply with at least 250mA of current rating is required for operation of the Rougarou Bass Tube Overdrive.
Despite being designed for bass, the Rougarou Bass Tube Overdrive works beautifully for guitar.
1. Bite Control
2. Volume Control
3. Sub-Miniature Triode Tube
4. True Bypass
5. Engaged/Bypass Indicator LED
6. Buffered Input
7. Reverse Voltage Polarity Protection
8. 5-Year Warranty on Parts and Labor

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